Divider Colony Split

by Divider Colony Split

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released February 2, 2012



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Divider Colony Split New York, New York

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Track Name: Divider - Tide Lungs
Writhing in our death
Everyday one closer to an uneventful end
Sacrificed to a parasite
Breathing us all in
Like maggots waiting for signs of rotting
Slowly devouring
In time we will all disappear
Time will swallow us
The great creation
Rebuilt again and again
Our mark covered over
Buried in tomorrow's wake
A path to lead us to the gallows
To sever the remains of this embrace
The last of our honest breaths stolen from our lungs
Our voice is but a whisper now
To those who bound our hands
This conquest is yours to suffer alone
There is nothing pure
Track Name: Colony - Hourglass
laid to waste
all of life's worth
gone in the blink of an eye
no past no present no future
there is no eternal light
non existent is time
i see the end of days
for i am the bringer of death
lost faith lost hope lost cause
Track Name: Colony - Empty Caskets
The idea the gesture
Was lost in the act
Futile attempts dominate the past
The rain that came
To wash it all away
Was just filth in itself
The burden of lies the burden of pride
The burden of lack there of
You were nowhere around
when push came to shove
Track Name: Colony - Dead Ends
Paid enough for my mistakes
Im leaving this behind
Every unsaid word
That never meant a thing
So much time spent killing myself from the inside out
The say all good things come to an end
I cant seem to find where they ever began
We are all dead ends